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(vvv) Mixed Media with Sally Bowman on Saturday 13th October 10am




Art Journaling is using images and words to express yourself. There are no rules! You can use art journaling to unwind, to save a favourite image or quotation, to let off steam, or just to play with colour.


This class is suitable for everyone.


You need to bring an apron (or wear old clothes), several old magazines (any kind as long as there are words and pictures), a pair of sharp scissors, a Pritt stick (or other  good quality ) glue stick and a clean rag or new J-cloth.

If you already work in an art journal, bring it to work in. I'll also supply you with a couple of loose pages.


You'll receive a burlap texture stamp to use on the day and take home with you.


I’ll be demonstrating a glazing technique to add depth and layers to your page, and you will also be able to use a variety of techniques and media for your page(s) : stamping, stencilling, sponging, collage, handwriting…

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